This is a gold mining company that has had success and has delievered results investors have profited from.  The mine continues to operate in an environmentally friendly way and you can expect the mining operations to become more efficient as profit margins increase and new exploration avenues open for further mine development.

The Rosebel gold mine is located in the mineral rich Brokopondo district in north eastern Suriname, South America.  The miningconcession covers 170 square kilometres, with the Suriname River to the east, the Saramacca River to the west and the Brokopondo reserve to the south.

The property is accessible via paved and all weather gravel roads from Paramaribo, a drive of about 110 kilometres. There is a small airstrip located onsite approximately 2 kilometres from the mill operations. Suriname’s Zanderij International Airport is approximately 60 kilometres by road north of Rosebel. Electrical energy is purchased directly from the Surinamese government and from a parastatal energy company. Rosebel’s power is sourced from the nearby Afobaka hydroelectric generating station and from a diesel generation plant.

The economy of Suriname is dominated by the natural resources sector, in particular the bauxite industry. Additional natural resources include oil, gold, iron ore and forestry. The economy draws less than 10% of its income from the export of agricultural products including bananas, rice, timber, citrus fruits, shrimp and fish.


The Rosebel gold mine began commercial production in 2004 and as at the end of 2016 had produced 4.4 million ounces of gold.

Zero Harm is the vision that guides all operations and activities undertaken by Rosebel. It is our commitment to continually strive to reach the highest standards in human health and safety, minimize our impact on the environment, and work co-operatively with our host communities.
Zero Harm is both a goal and a journey, and to help meet our commitments, we rely on partnerships with our host countries, with our host communities, with civil society partners and, most important, with our employees.Together with our partners, Rosebel often brings high standards of operating safety, environmental responsibility and social sensitivity to areas without a prior history of modern mining or exploration. Partnering with our employees, communities and host countries to build a healthy, safe, sustainable future is not only the right thing to do, it is also good business practice.
Security Policy Statement
Rosebel is committed to protect its people, product, assets and reputation. Everyone at Rosebel has a responsibility in maintaining a secure workplace in identifying, assessing and mitigating risks to as low as reasonably practicable. This policy apply to the entire Rosebel operation including staff, contractors and visitors.This will be achieved through the adherence of all employees and contractors to documented security procedures and the Code of Conduct, and their obligation to report security incidents, wrongdoing and non-compliance either in person or through the company hotline.


This is a gold mining company that has had success and has delievered results investors have profited from.

In a press release dated July 26, 2017, Iamgold disclosed that they had increased their reserves by 80% and that the ounces they were adding would extend the life of the mine to 2028