This article was first posted on a Gold Mining Blog.  Marc Lubaszka focuses on the production end of gold mining.

When mining is depicted in the media, we usually only see the hardhat worker, pickaxe in hand, lowering down into a bleak, black shaft to chip away at some rock—and you might think of them uncovering some glowing patch of diamond or gold.

In fact, mining is a slow process with much more intermittent rewards, and there are a wide variety of mining jobs that come before and after the extraction phase, many of which require a very special set of skills.

Much like those organizing construction projects, companies looking to employ miners can benefit greatly from contacting a staffing firm, since the work involved in a mining project can be sporadic and unpredictable, yet also requires expertise that you’ll be hard-pressed to find via a last-minute recruitment search.

There are literally a dozen major types of mining jobs, each comprised of several different roles. We’ll attempt to break down about half of the major categories as succinctly as possible.

Gold Mining Engineers with Marc Lubaszka